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Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Atlantic Ocean

Our 43-foot Bertram leaves before the sun comes up for the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean for a long day of adventure and serious fishing for large game fish.  We will search for white and blue marlin, sailfish, tuna, mahi-mahi, and wahoo as far out as 70 miles in waters that are 1500 feet deep.  Watching a marlin perform aerobatics behind the boat at the end of your line is pure excitement, and you might have to fight that big boy for over an hour to get him to the boat.  And there's nothing tastier on the grill than tuna and wahoo steaks.  Are you ready??  Deep sea fishing charters is our specialty. 

We'll also look for large mako sharks.  Ask about our night-fishing trips for these giants of the ocean.  While we are at sea, you'll also likely see dolphins, turtles, pilot whales, and rays,   And of course, there are submarines, aircraft carriers, and other ships aplenty.  You won't be bored.  Tuna fishing charters are also available through Long Time Com'n Charters.

We also offer a day-long trip out to 30 miles where you can catch mahi-mahi, false albacore, lost tuna, King mackerel, and sharks.

How Many?  How Much?  Where?

Long Time Com'n Sportfishing is licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard to carry up to 6 passengers plus crew. 

Our very full-day off-shore charter for 1 to 6 people costs $1950.  Your party charters the boat exclusively.  This includes licenses, gear, tackle, bait, and everything else you need to catch fish.  You just bring what you want to eat or drink.  Our mate will assist you in the cockpit, and he works for tips only.  In our region, 20%, or $400, is customary if you think he has done a good job for you.

The 30-mile charter for 1 to 6 people costs $1400.

Our 43-foot Bertram operates from C Dock at Fisherman's Wharf Marina, 524 Winston-Salem Ave., Virginia Beach, VA, on Rudee Inlet.  Free secure parking.  Fish cleaning station on site, or ask your mate to clean your catch for a modest fee.